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Welcome to Cinnamon Rock Retreat

The view from each accommodation is phenomenal yet private. There are vineyards below the mountain, and the unforgettable expanse of the valley is breathtaking. And, because we are away from the town, the night sky viewing is incredible. When was the last time you saw the Milky Way?

Elysian Trailer

Elysian Trailer

Ideal for a romantic escape or a weekend getaway with friends.

Mystic Belle Tent

Belle Tents

Three belle tents are located near shared amenities; the toilets, showers, and shared kitchen area.

Gypsy Van at CRR

Gypsy Van

Camper van has traveled across the US five times.

RV and Tent Sites

RV & Tent Sites

Stunning views to watch the sunset, sunrise, stargaze, or get lost in the view of the beautiful landscapes below our property.

Escape the mundane, surrender to nature, and unwind among stunning and serene Southern California Mountains. The relaxing and peaceful sanctuary awaits you with natural and holistic experiences that deliver you to pure bliss. This includes BeMer, Reiki, massage and meditation therapies. Whether you want to de-stress alone, or reconnect and rejuvenate with a family member, friend, or group, our wellness getaways are designed to soothe the body, mind, and spirit so that every guest emerges vitalized and refreshed.

Isabella Marie

Relaxed at Cinnamon Rock Retreat

Eden Ancient Design

The Majestic View at CRR

Cinnamon Rock Retreat is proud to be the host of Eden Ancient Design, a holistic healing and trauma care center. This partnership allows us to work with you to address your personal healing needs, bring balance to your body, mind, soul, and spirit. Discover the rituals of plant ceremonies and partake in natural holistic treatments, precisely tailored to align your chakras. Include a healing treatment to your stay by booking the “Eden’s Bell Site” for the bioenergetic frequency treatment, or inquire to add additional services that are available no matter what site you book. Through the use of bioenergetic frequencies and herbal remedies we strive to reset your original design, following in the footsteps of visionaries like Tesla and Rife. We firmly believe in the power of holistic, natural methods to improve and maintain your health. Contact us today to schedule your stay and take advantage of the wide range of services offered including different ceremonial plant experiences, guided meditation, angel tarot reading or bioenergetic frequency treatments. Cinnamon Rock Retreat and Eden Ancient Design are a haven for healers and those seeking healing. Allow us to welcome you home.

The Majestic View at CRR